“ Premium materials, innovative design, supreme craftsmanship and superior finishing…. Each Montpellier surround reflects unbending attention to detail: from the initial selection and processing of the finest quality marble blocks; to the painstaking efforts of local craftsmen to fashion the unique material that is marble into a work of art; to vigorous quality control procedures”

The Milano

The supremely elegant Milano fire surround follows classical lines with a touch of embellishment in the form of the corbel and leaf motif. Available in both 54” and 57” sizes.

The Denver Limestone

A beautifully simple uncluttered design makes the Denver surround in limestone a popular choice resulting in a striking contemporary statement. It is complemented here with the Esse 525 Stove.

Tamara Natural Marble

The beautifully proportioned Tamara fire surround with individually hand carved columns and waterfall hearth is featured here in Bianco Persiano marble. Ideally suited for cast iron inserts which further enhance its majestic appearance.