“A Flueless fireplace with lasting value….

All of Vauni’s flueless ethanol fireplaces are developed with a focus on quality and detail work. This adds up to beautiful, solid products that provide the owner with pleasure and lasting value for many years.”


The Globe

The Globe’s spherical design is a world first. A choice of cast iron or polished granite base liners is available to surround the integrated burner, and the optional pedestal offers precision positioning of the fire through 360 degrees of rotation. No other freestanding flueless fireplace combines such design elegance with versatile usage.

The Divider

Constructed from toughened safety glass, the Vauni Divider is the classic open fire reimagined for the 21st Century as a freestanding ethanol fireplace. It uses the latest wide ethanol burner technology to produce an intense and consistent yellow-orange flame to efficiently heat a medium-sized room. No chimney or vent is required. This makes the Vauni Divider highly portable. Move it around to suit your space, or use it as a beautifully novel room divider anywhere in your living area. The choice is yours!